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Regarding the Events Information

The latest information of each event can be found at the page of each event.
Check there in advance for the time and date of the event or the venue. The event information is regularly updated.Twitter Akaboo We also invite you to have a look at the official Twitter account of Akaboo.

Regarding the Methods of Admission

There are 3 different methods of admission to an event.

In principle, there is a system of purchasing a booklet but the method of admission differs for each event. Check the information page of each event to know which admission method is appropriate.

The system of purchasing a booklet

All the regular participants, after buying a booklet at the entrance gate, are admitted to the venue.

The system of purchasing a booklet or a ticket of admission

All the regular participants, after buying a booklet or a ticket of admission at the entrance gate, are admitted at the venue.
The booklet and the ticket of admission have a different price. For example: the booklet costs 1,200 yen and the ticket of admission costs 1,000 yen.
We introduce this system of admission with a booklet and a ticket of admission only for large-scale events. For details, >>Here

Free admission for regular participants (the participants are free to buy or not buy the booklet)
The entrance is free of charge. If regular participants want to buy a booklet, they can buy it at the entrance. Almost all the ZR series are free of charge at the entrance.

Regarding the sale in advance of the booklet

Regarding the possibility to buy or not buy in advance or the date of publishing of the booklet, check each event information page.
Basically, we sell in advance the booklet at the occasion of large-scale events at bookshops or on the Internet by mail order (b2-online reservation settlement website). For advance sale information, have a look at each event page's information. Due to distribution cost, the price of the advance sale of the booklet in bookshops differs from the price of the booklet on the day of the event. Take note of this difference.
Even in the case of an advance purchase, make sure to bring the booklet with you.
After purchasing in advance, holders of booklet that have been considerably altered or divided in parts will not be admitted to the venue.
If such a booklet is discovered at the entrance gate, you will have to purchase it a second time.
In the case of large-scale events, we will prepare a special entrance at the main gate for those who have made the purchase in advance.

Large-scale events

January: Osaka / March: HARU / May: SUPER / August: SUPER KANSAI / October: SPARK

The admission gates for circle participants and for visitors are different

On top of using the venue, since each admission route differs, move to the main gate in accordance with the indication signs and the instructions of the persons in charge. We will prepare a standby space before the event.
In case of difficulty for wheelchairs to access a route with a stairway, for example, ask a person in charge.

Regarding the standby space for the regular participants

In case of the venues at Tokyo Big Site and Intex Osaka, depending on the scale of the event or the use of the route for participants, this place will be outdoors or indoors and will change every time.
Until the opening of the gates of the venue, you are free to temporarily leave the standby space line, if you want to go to the toilet, for example, but we cannot guarantee you the same position in the queue. If you come by yourself, make sure to inform the people attending around you before going away. Also, since this line is likely to move depending on the number of participants or the weather condition, be careful if you leave baggage behind you. In case of a line movement, you will be informed by the staff.

In case of large scale-events
- Temporary toilet will be prepared.
- Baggage cloak will be prepared at the main guest gate. the price of 500 yen per item

Important NOTICE When You are Attending an Event.

If you have irregularly obtained a Circle PASS, you will be refused entrance as a Circle participant.

Akaboo forbids Internet auctions of Circle PASS. Only registered Circle participants can use the PASS.
Irregular transfers or irregular acquisitions of Circle PASS at an event are forbidden.

Don't come to the venue before 7 in the morning. "Waiting all night before the event is forbidden."

Use public transportation to come to the venue. Refrain from coming by car.

Even though there are parking lots at the venues, since the events are hold on Sunday all the roads in the vicinity of each of the venues are very congested.
For an access map to Tokyo Big Sight, >>Here
For an access map to INTEX Osaka, >>Here
For an access map to Fukuoka Yahoo! JAPAN Dome, click here: >>Here

We cannot accept to do personal announcement calling for someone.

Event sponsors cannot do announcement calling for lost friends or friends you were supposed to meet.

Pre-school children are not accepted to the venue (nor as Circle participants nor as regular participants)

The display and sale of amateur comic books are held in the same facility where a lot of participants are gathering.
Even for children older than elementary school students coming to the venue, due to congestion various dangers can arise such as tumbling, injuries, a lot of blind spots, lost children or missing children.
Also, since they can annoy other customers unintentionally, directly or indirectly, we ask you to refrain as much as possible from coming accompanied with children even older than elementary school students.
We do not offer a special fare or child fare for the pamphlet. Buy one copy per person.

A reliable physical condition!!

Come to the event having had enough sleep.
If you are on medication, make sure to bring with you your necessary medicine (especially in case of chronic disease).
Refrain from coming to an event if you have a fever, if you feel tired or if you don't feel perfectly well.
Regarding the emergency assistance
especially when we hold events with over 10 000 participants, excluding emergencies and people suffering serious illness, there are times when we do not have the staff or enough space at the emergency room to deal with enough efficiency with a lot of people complaining from poor physical health.
The participants and other attendees should come in good physical condition. Each one should be aware of his/her behavior and condition. The attendance of an event in poor physical condition can eventually lead to annoyance to the surrounding people.

Regarding works displaying the R18 sign

The participants under 18 years old are not allowed to look at and buy work with the sign R18 at the Circle space.

Regarding the Cosplay

The different clauses: {acceptable Cosplay (fee-charging / free of charge)}, (acceptable only for Circle participants), (Cosplay not allowed), for example, depending on each event. For more information, have a look at the information page of each event. For the guidelines of Cosplay participation, >> Here


You are not allowed to take pets or animals with you.
It is forbidden to smoke and to drink alcohol at the venue. You can smoke at designated places of the venue. Also, we will forbid the entrance to the venue of people who have drunk alcohol.
It is strictly forbidden to take pictures inside the venue.
It is forbidden to bring objects that make noise or dangerous goods (weapons or imitations, important amounts of fuel, balls).
It is forbidden to bring with you objects or have a behavior deemed dangerous or inappropriate by the promoters (including annoying behavior to others).
If you do not respect the above rules, the promoters reserve the right to expel you or refuse you the entrance.
lost property: if you notice you have lost something at the venue, go to the information desk of the closest hall. If you notice it when the event is over, make a telephone inquiry to Akboo News Agency.